There’s a reason I bang on (and on) about online engagement. That’s because it WORKS! Engaging outward from your business to a community brings energy inward.  Which not only unlocks new audiences but generates new business leads.

How do I know? Because I see it happen.

Each day I carry out a set amount of engagement tasks for my own social media and my clients’; commenting, sharing and liking strategically. You can spend as little as 10 minutes per day on engagement to get results, so if you are a small business running your own channels, that’s relatively low commitment. 

Image: Rawpixel via Unsplash

Here’s how to make the most of those 10-minutes:

Genuine engagement

Comment on people’s posts with an authentic contribution. How many times have you seen comments like ‘nice content’ ‘great photo’ – it’s quite clearly automated or at least done without thought. And this switches people off.

Pause before commenting on a post that catches your eye. Reflect on what you truly feel about their post. Rather than a ‘that’s fab’ or ‘well done’ kind of comment, could you add something of value to the discussion? It’s a great way to cultivate trust and people invest in people they trust. 

And, added bonus! By chatting with your peers and potential customers, you are getting closer to their needs and understanding what their digital habits are (which helps with content and ad targeting). 

Give/ Get

Image @brucemars via Unsplash

Social media (particularly Instagram) is a give/ get community. By tagging and sharing, you are showing you are truly consuming their content and the message. And people will (should) return the love – which is where I use the relevancy word again. Connect your shares to an aspect of your brand, values and service. 

Sharing in Instagram Stories is one of the easiest and best ways to engage and build communities as a business! Buffer shows you how here.

Make it fun

It doesn’t have to be a chore. Follow people you are genuinely interested in – not people you think you ‘should’ follow. Look at their feed or Stories before hitting the follow button. Check their content is of value to you and your business and/ or their values are aligned with yours. 

The more you interact with people you enjoy following, the more the algorithm will show you their posts. And in turn, it could inspire your own business marketing and content! 

There’s a temptation to try and connect with super influencers or celebrities by tagging and commenting. Before you spend a great deal of time on this, be aware that their blue tick means they don’t see most of the tags and comments. By making it genuine, you have a chance that others on the thread will notice your input and potential follow you.

Does it have to be daily?

No. Just consistent. Of course daily would get you the best results. But, as you know I’m a huge advocate of ‘switch off’ days, so skipping 1-2 days a week is healthy. 

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