Are you a feed maker or breaker? What I mean by this is, do you help the discussion flow? Do you delight people’s growing social experience with powerful images and fluid language?
The end goal of spending time and money on social media as a promotional channel is to make more sales plus attract and retain customers. Before writing your messaging, consider the motivation for those same customers when browsing their feed. They are looking for information, inspiration, perhaps a little humour and to network with people and businesses who enhance their needs at that moment in time. Therefore, as a business, you need to adapt your commercial language for social to appeal to those users.
But posts should contain a strong call-to-action shouldn’t they? Well yes and no. It is a balancing act devising posts which draw people to your message and switches them to click. For example, think about how you feel reading an advert asking you to ‘buy our products today’ compared to ‘we made this product, this is what it does and how it makes you feel’.
Clever content for business should not take away the social user experience from their followers but still be relevant to the brand.

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