The Money is in the List

When it comes to marketing your business are you putting enough focus into email? While we’ve all been swooning over Facebook and Instagram, the one thing we forget is: we don’t own those communities.

This means, if these social media platforms make changes to the way we communicate to our customers (such as Facebook’s algorithm announcement for 2018), we have to adapt and spend more money on ads.

That’s why it is essential to build and nurture a community on email (like this one you are a part of!). Not least because email has a great conversion rate compared to social media organic content.

Here is my email marketing basics checklist.

Growing the list

Getting people to part with their email address is not always that easy. But people are becoming more used to handing over their details in exchange for freebies or perks. eBooks have been done to death, so think outside the box if you are going to write one – they are still a great resource. If you’re a service-based business, then also consider offering a short online training course, free webinar or an exclusive service. For a product-based business, discounts and multi-buy deals are likely to reel in customers to your list.

Using a platform such as MailChimp or ConvertKit (I use the latter) means you can bring in subscribers at the touch of a button but also ethically and legally. Especially with GDPR legislation which came into force this May.

Less is more

And…on that note, a quality list is better than a massive (barely compliant) list. I recently deleted almost half my list, those who had never opened one of my mails. Hopefully, you understand what kind of conversion rate you need from all your marketing activity, so you’ll know you could make money from a small, well-targeted list. Many email marketing tools offer analytics, so you can see what emails are working and where people are clicking (even reading on some more expensive tools).

Quality content

Once you’ve snagged an email don’t let it slip away! Remember our email boxes are clogged full of people trying to sell. Many of us delete or unsubscribe soon after signing up if the emails are too frequent and overly promotional. Clearly, we want to broadcast our products, services and latest offers. But it’s vital you offer some value to the reader. This could be in the form of exclusive information, tips and resources.

Special treatment

Everyone likes to feel special, don’t they? So as well as that signing up bonus, think about what you can offer your subscribers on a regular basis. Access to content or deals you don’t advertise on social media and website, makes them feel valued and loyal.

Where does email sit in your marketing?

If you’ve joined any of my webinars, you know I talk about digital storytelling – social media, blogs, email and other content are all woven together to tell a story, inspiring your customers to buy from you. In my view, it’s vital to map out what you’re going to say and where for each communication channel you use for marketing.

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