Online Review Culture

It’s the age of feedback culture. Where testimonials are the lifeblood of many businesses on Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot and schemes like Airbnb. When you promote a business online, reviews are central to your reputation. Here’s why we should be leaving and asking for reviews.

Purchase trust

As consumers we are all looking for trust in our purchase. And what better way to find this by reading reviews. Now some reviews are quite clearly more helpful than others. As receivers, readers and writers we should always consider what is the most helpful aspect of a review.

Where to get reviews?

This can depend on your business but Google should be at the top of your list. Reviews on your Facebook page are also helpful, we know people browse these sources to get more background about a business they are interesting. Have a look at your page layout to ensure that visitors easily find them when they’re checking your page.

Attaining reviews

How do get the feedback flowing in? We ASK! But how do we work this into our customer processes? Have a look at the journey your customer goes on when working and purchasing from you. Figure out the most opportune moment to ask them for feedback. For example, if you send an email post-purchase, include a link and prompt. Can you put it on printed material?

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