Should I spend money on Facebook ads or boosts?

Probably the biggest question for any small business promoting on Facebook. Should I spend money on ads or boosted posts? And if so, how much?

Like everything you do, it’s about the return on investment towards your goals.

Ads or boosted?

Ads can work out expensive if 1. you don’t get the targeted right and 2. the creative doesn’t connect. That’s why the first and best place to get your feet wet with paid advertising could be a boosted post. 

Effective targeting

If you’ve followed my Digital Strategy course and webinars, then you’ll know that understanding your customer is key to making your content work well online and reach its goals. That goes double for Facebook paid targeting – we need to understand where our customers are. 

If you have a buoyant page following already, then it could be promoting to your community to bump up the reach and actions is enough. 

But if you’re hunting to acquire a new audience, then refine the interests and location to best match the profile of your customer.

Think creatively

Before hitting ‘boost’ on that post read it back to yourself. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask whether this creates enough desire to take action on the content. My creative copy checklist is:

Brand – is it clear who you are, what you do?

Values – would customers understand your ethos and approach?

Authenticity – are you offering value, a quality experience, something unique?

Call-to-action – what do you want customers to do?

Get practical

Like with most business promotion, over thinking Facebook paid posts can hold you back. Set aside a budget you don’t mind risking and a few different boosts to compare results. 

AND…EXCITING NEWS! My Facebook Paid Ads webinar will show you how to get started and how to target effectively to get the best results from your budget.

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